May 24, 2016


Something I haven't tried much in a while are still-life. I had some flowers I had bought thinking I would use them together in a figurative piece. That one didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. I'm sure I'll return to it eventually. I don't take defeat easily. In the meantime, I thought, I had better make use of some of these great flowers, so I put together a little floral in container situation to paint. Waste not want not, right?

Sorry for all the glare. I had a difficult time getting a shot without glare. I'll eventually post a better shot, but this will do for now.

Oil on Linen - 9 x 12

A Positive Step Forward

I think all my recent painting efforts combined with the workshops I've attended is starting to show dividends. It goes without saying that the more you practice, or put time into something, the better you will get at that thing. I'm definitely not ready to say that it's become easy, but certain aspects are becoming a bit more, natural, shall we say.

Anyway, I felt like this past Friday's open studio effort at Bay Arts was a nice step towards developing my own style. Yes, it is just a sketch, but I like it as is.

May 12, 2016

Taylor Sue

A recent 3 hour study at Bayarts. I feel pretty good about how this one turned out although there is quite a bit of glare on the photo. Taylor Sue is a great model with a great fashion sense. Although it's not necessarily my goal to always paint pretty ladies, she just has such great features that painting her was a pleasure.