June 14, 2014

Sketch of Robert

This is a portrait sketch/study of a frequent model, Robert, that they use at Bay Arts. He has an interesting look. Although he looks a bit like he's scowling here, he's really a very genial guy.

I sort of like the energy in this one and was happy to get it mostly done in one sitting. Done for a study, of course.

Oil on canvas paper - 11 x 14

June 12, 2014

Scottsdale Model

This one still needs a bit of touch up but overall I think I'm pleased with how this painting turned out, even though I have to say not totally. But at least it felt like a good workout, where the results aren't measured in the present, but rather in the future. In this case the positives will be felt later in terms of the experience I take away.
This painting did get a lot tighter than I thought I had intended, but like I'd mentioned before it's a natural tendency so I thought I'd just go with it. 

Anyway, I'll probably add the photo of the updated painting at a future time, but I hadn't posted anything in a while so I thought I'd just go ahead and put this one up on my blog.

I also have to add that the model, Bailey, was a great model, as were all the models at the Scottsdale workshop I attended. It really helps and makes a difference when you have an experienced model and one who was as lovely as this one. 

Oil on Canvas Panel - 16" x 20"

June 02, 2014

Mixed Bag

Another mixed bag of expectation versus result. Someone once told me that Alla Prima painting is too hit or miss. At least for this person it was. I think that's true, but I kind of live for those hits. Or at least the promise of them, as they can be glorious.

The likeness in this painting was off---way off! But the positive side was that I think the handling in general is fair. 

So there. I'm seeing the glass half-full and feeding off the positives. I definitely have been ruminating about how I plan to present myself moving forward. Or maybe it would be better if I said, what I want to project in my painting. We'll see how it pans out. I'm trying not to be too rigid at this point. Finding yourself, I think, doesn't seem to be a linear path you can plot out with a high degree of specificity. But I do have standards that whatever it is I do must reflect my initial personal inspiration.

God help me.

Oil on Canvas Paper - 11 x 14