August 31, 2013

AG Creative Gallery Show

American Greetings, the company I work for, has a company gallery that they make available for any of the artists who have a desire to display their work. The artists do have to submit examples of their work beforehand for review for appropriateness and sufficient quality. 

Around a year ago I approached a couple of friends/co-workers to see if they would want to do a show together. We all agreed. I thought it would be a good goal and a good way to motivate myself to continue painting over the year. It has been. When you know you have all that empty wall space that has to be filled it is a great motivator. I managed to get ten paintings completed and framed so I felt that wasn't too bad. I would have had more but I actually gave some away as gifts. I don't think I'll be doing that too much in the future.

Anyway I participated in the show with Cindy Patton, who did some really nice pastels of outdoor scenes as well as some nice still-lifes in watercolor and oils, and with Todd Pollino who does some really great watercolors of nostalgic looking businesses that he has come across over the years.

August 05, 2013



Oil on Canvas Paper - 11" x 14"

This was a 2 hour long study with some touching up after the sitting. I'd say the portrait was about 90% done after the 2 hours so I think my speed is improving. 

I've been harping a lot on speed and I'm not sure that's a proper emphasis. Some really great paintings look as though they were done quickly but it's not the case. Anyway, I think as long as I do things in a measured way I'll be all right.