December 13, 2013

Something Different

So I thought I'd try something a little different for me. Today at the Friday live model painting session at Bay Arts I decided to limit my color palette and go for a kind of "chiaroscuro" effect using basically a grisaille technique. It was fun, concentrating mostly on value with only a little warm and cool consideration. I may just try some more of this as I think it might help my overall painting efforts. Taking this shot with my camera I think there is some glare that is affecting the image and so I might try re-taking it later and updating. It's weird but some of the darks have separated and jump out in a way that you don't see in person, but I decided to go ahead and post it anyway so for now you can see it more or less.

Even with fewer colors to think about I think I may still have gone a little overboard with the value of the shadows, but overall it was still a good experience.

Michael - Chiaroscuro
11 x 14 - Oil on Linen

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