May 13, 2014

One Model, Two Mediums

You may not be able to tell, but both of these pieces are of the same model. 

The first one is done in charcoal pencil. It so happened that I hadn't gotten all of my supplies back that day from the time I'd shipped them back from Scottsdale, so I decided to just go ahead and draw. I'm glad I did because it was almost as much fun as painting. It was nice to just get back to basics and see what I could do. 


The second is my usual Friday painting effort from the live model. Even though I don't blend a lot and this one is a little rough looking, I'm still kind of pleased with it. I figure I can always do more blending in the future, once I get a little better at my values and temperatures. I do have to admit though that before I was through, Tina stopped in and let me know that the eyes were a little out of place. Despite my protestations I had to admit she was right and had to reposition them. Better to just take your medicine and re-do than to have an odd looking face. I ain't doin' Picasso!

And just a little close-up of the above.