June 14, 2014

Sketch of Robert

This is a portrait sketch/study of a frequent model, Robert, that they use at Bay Arts. He has an interesting look. Although he looks a bit like he's scowling here, he's really a very genial guy.

I sort of like the energy in this one and was happy to get it mostly done in one sitting. Done for a study, of course.

Oil on canvas paper - 11 x 14


  1. I’m curious…how long is an average sitting? A couple of hours? I like his hair. :)

  2. Thanks for your question Truly.

    There is an open studio near me that is 3 hours long. This is where I do my portrait sketches/studies, like this one. The model poses for 20 minutes at a time with about a a five minute break in between. So all total it's somewhere around 2-1/2 hours total painting time. I'm probably slow as painters go so I often don't quite complete the study. I usually get it about 90-95% complete, I take some snapshots of the model and then finish it up at home where I might do some minor corrections or I might finish off some things I didn't get to for one reason or another.

  3. Chris you've been busy! I love your sense of light and color. I've not been painting much as of late. festivals are getting in the way. But I'm sure glad you have! Just lovely how you handle your subjects. You give me inspiration.

    1. Thanks Catherine. Yes I've tried to stay busy painting and trying to improve. My latest project to keep me busy though is building a model stand so I can create some setups of my own and work with a model out of my own studio.

      If you're doing the festivals then you've been busy too. Even if you're not painting your pottery is looking great. I give you lots of credit because I know doing a festival can be a lot of work and commitment.

      Will you be doing the Minerva festival this year?