August 18, 2014

Ed's Granddaughter Redux

My simple aim in this blog is that of a way to catalogue my progress as a painter. So to that end I will post not just what I consider my best work, but also some stinkers as they transpire. I think that an honest representation looking back will give me the best chance of gauging how far I might come.

I wasn't especially happy with the first version of Ed's Granddaughter two posts back (haven't learned how to link yet) so I thought I'd try it again with a different approach. I usually like to paint as directly as I can, while the painting is still wet. But this time I thought I'd paint from a photograph I took at the model session and paint in glazes, allowing the painting to dry between sessions.

Obviously I still have a lot to learn when it comes to glazing, but it was a good experience. One I think I might try again in the future when the mood strikes or when it seems appropriate. Anyway, here's the latest version.

Oil on canvas panel - 12 x 16

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