October 06, 2014

Slick Surface

I used a surface that I've used before, a linen panel by Centurion which is oil primed. Somehow after giving it an initial stain the surface felt quite a bit more slick than usual. Maybe it was the amount of medium I was using. Maybe it was the amount of oil I initially laid down. Whatever the case I found my paint kind of sliding around a bit. This painting looks messy, and it kind of is, but the funny thing is...I kind of like it. Something about the roughness that appeals to me. I think it's something that I would really like to explore more in the future.

Another interesting thing (interesting to me anyway) was that I didn't take any photo reference, so after I got it home I made some drawing and color adjustments strictly from memory. I massaged a few little areas and that was it. Some might not be crazy about this effect but it kind of intrigues me. We'll see where it goes in the future.

Oil on Canvas Panel - 12 x 16


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