January 27, 2015

A New Model and Some News

Here is our most recent Friday model at Bay Arts. It's been a while since we've had a male model so I was glad for the opportunity.

Oil on Canvas Paper - 12 x 16 

The canvas paper I use is a fairly inexpensive one which comes in a pad. I've noticed that the quality of the canvas is not always consistent from pad to pad. I was not as happy with this last pad that i purchased. It's weave is too uniform. Almost as though it were embossed on paper in perfectly regular, or straight rows. This can create a problem sometimes when viewed on screen, because the weave of the canvas will create a moire pattern with the resolution of the pixels on the screen, which can be quite distracting. Computers vary so I'm not sure if others are noticing the same thing. Anyway, I can't complain too much. Like I said it's relatively cheap and it serves it's purpose. It's actually real acrylic-primed 
sheets of canvas. I also figured for these kinds of practice portraits it would make it much easier to archive and store the originals when I was done with them, rather than having stacks of stretched canvases, or even panels piling up. This way I can file 50 paintings or more in a single drawer of my taboret and it might take up about one inch or so in depth. Also, I have tried stretching some finished studies onto stretcher bars once they were dry and have never had a problem.

The news is an exciting bit for me. I'm headed back to the Scottsdale Artist's School in a few months to take another workshop. Although there are many great instructors out there, I have a pretty short list of people with whom I would really like to do a workshop. Fortunately there is one at the SAS that I believe I could benefit from and who is on that list.

Details to follow.


  1. Totally jealous, but looking forward to hearing aaaaall about it. :)

  2. And you shall.

    No need for the jellys. Jealous is what I am of your sales ;-)