January 29, 2016

Another Day

I gave this painting the title - Another Day, because the models expression said to me that she was thinking about her day and the things that she might be planning in her mind.

The values here were pretty dark which made it a challenge to get a sense of form and volume. I feel pretty good about the overall result. Good enough to maybe enter a show or two.

The light I have to work by isn't really the best either, but hey, I'm blessed to even have a place to paint. I'm curious, if there are any painters out there that happen to be stopping by, what kind of lighting do you work by?

Anyway, I hope you like it.

Another Day
Oil on canvas - 10 x 18

Oh, and another thing. I recently got some amazing news on another workshop which I will be attending and reporting on here.

For the last few years I have been submitting my name to participate in a 5-day workshop with Dan Gerhartz. Dan's workshops are so popular that participants are chosen by lottery. As I said, the last few years I have tried to get in but my name was never chosen. This year I decided to give it one more try, as I was beginning to think that it was perhaps not meant to be and was ready to move on. 
Well guess what?

Anyway, of all the (living) artists whose work I admire and love to look at, Dan's is right at the tippety-top, so this will be very much a bucket-list experience for me.

Stay tuned!

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