April 21, 2016

A New Painter Friend --- Meet Leslie Adams!

I met Leslie Adams through the critique program of the Portrait Society of America, of which I am a member. Leslie was assigned to me when I had submitted my name for a critique. The PSoA offers this service (at a cost) to its members who wish to have their work critiqued from a qualified professional. I was thinking I needed some evaluation and critique from a good set of eyes and so signed up for the service.

Anyway, Leslie responded and we had a nice long discussion about my work. During our conversation, to my surprise, I found out that she lived in Ohio. I have met a couple of artists in my area that were doing portraits and figures, but other than the ones I had already met I really didn't think that there were very many other serious figurative and/or portrait painters anywhere near me. I had just assumed that the person that was assigned to me would live somewhere cross country.  What a delight to find that Leslie was (practically) a neighbor. During our conversation I had mentioned that I was driving up to Wisconsin to attend Dan Gerhartz' workshop. Being a curious person and one who enjoys seeing the studios of other artists I had asked Leslie that since I was driving through Toledo anyway, if it would be okay if I stopped by on my way through to just meet personally and to see her studio. She said it would be fine and so on my way back home after the workshop I got to meet Leslie. It was a such a nice meeting and she has a really great studio space in downtown Toledo. She is such a warm, sweet, and lovely person and was so welcoming to me when we met. We had a great conversation regarding many aspects of my art and hers. I hope to do it again sometime. Aside from seeing some stupendous institutional portraiture in her studio, Leslie had some truly epic fine art pieces that included some of the most amazing and ambitious charcoal drawings I had ever seen in person.

If you are ever looking for a true heirloom portrait done by a real pro, Leslie is your lady.

Thanks again Leslie!

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