July 31, 2013

Nifty Little Painting Station

As I've been trying to gradually put together a painting studio at home I realized I needed some kind of decent painting station to work from. I began looking at most of the usual art supply websites and I just couldn't find one I either liked, or was willing to shell out the kind of money they were asking for, especially based on where I was from an (in)experience standpoint. 

Anyway, so I'm out shopping for some cheap item, I can't even remember what it was, and decided to check out Wal-Mart, when what do I spy but this little number they sell as a Kitchen island station. 

Just what the doctor ordered! It was right around a hundred bucks. Way less dinero and more efficient than anything I'd found up to that point. I ordered a sheet of glass with a ground edge for about $15 to use as my palette and I really love this thing. It's got storage, a flip-up shelf/work area, a drawer which will hold lots of paint, and cabinets for other stuff. It's on casters that lock so you can move it around and lock it into place. It also has a towel bar. Not quite big enough for paper towels, but that's okay for me.

If you're at Wal-Mart check it out and see if I'm not right on this one.

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