July 01, 2013

Young Girl

"Young Girl"

Oil on Canvas Board - 11" x 14"

I did this smaller painting of a young girl that modeled for a group at Mike Malm's workshop which I attended in June of 2010. I wish I could say that I had completed it at the workshop when the model was live in front of me, but I can't in truth. I really was so incompetent at that time when it came to painting an actual person that I really just fumbled around, trying to pick up and absorb all the information I could to use at a later date, when hopefully it would all make more sense to me. Fortunately it does make more sense now. Even though I think this painting shows signs of improvement and areas that I like, overall I think it's too tight and blended. That's not how I want to paint. My preference is to paint more directly and expressively. To capture mood and atmosphere. I'm not there yet, but I think there is hope. 

At least I hope there's hope for me.

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