November 26, 2013

Michael - 3/4 view

Another portrait of Michael, this time in a 3/4 view. I wound up wiping out my original effort as things were off. I'm not supposed to say this but I'm not real crazy about this one, but as per my motto I try to complete anything I start. The likeness is okay, but that's mostly because I was able to refer to the photo I took. It seems whenever I have to rely too much on photos the spark just goes out of the painting. I think I can get to a point where I can train myself to use photo reference in the "right" way (that's hard to define), but I'm not there yet. As always it's a learning experience so from that standpoint I still consider it a success...just not exactly where I want to be, if that makes any sense.

Michael - 3/4 view
Oil on canvas paper - 11" x 14"


  1. Chris.. I'm so glad to see your painting and posting. I understand about the journey your on and what it means to strive to a goal that leads you to "just where you want to be." Paint on!

    1. Thanks Catherine. Even though I get frustrated at times it's still way more fun than working. It's good to see you're still going strong too. We love our pottery that we got from you BTW. I think I included one of them in one of my still-life paintings that I have here. See if you can find it ;-)

    2. The frustration fuels the fire does it not? Trying to find the pot.. I think its just behind the blue pot.. :)

      Hey.. If you could email me? I was wanting to ask you a question. Well two questions really. :)