March 08, 2014


So here are 2 slides of our most recent Friday model. The first one is what I was actually able to complete during the sitting. About 2-1/2 hrs total. I guess that's the true Alla Prima. The second one is after some touch up and corrections at home. 

The question that arises most for me is, what was gained or lost in the additions/corrections in the updated version? What do you think?


11 x 14 - Oil on Canvas Paper


  1. Chris, Those are hard questions for an artist. Are you really asking when do we know a piece is finished?
    The touch up looks more illustrative and rendered well. But I think the Alla Prima has a lovely impressionistic quality. I esp. like how the eye is drawn to her eye as a focal point by using crisper brush strokes with more refinement than any other place in the painting. Its lovely.. they both are.

  2. Thanks Catherine. Level of finish is a struggle at times for me. There is a space between realism and Impressionism that appeals to me but it's not a precise target so...
    Anyway I just got back from my workshop and got some great insights from the teacher there. Stay tuned for a complete recap.

  3. Who's workshop did you attend Chris?
    BTW.. thanks so much for the info you gave for David Leffel's site. It was very helpful.

    1. The instructor was Bryce Cameron Liston. He's a figure painter from Salt Lake City. I have a quick link to his website on my sidebar over there --->