March 01, 2014

Male Head Study II

Another crack at the same model from a couple of posts back. Although I might have gotten a better likeness on this attempt, I think I like the color on the previous attempt.
He was a hard model to paint, color-wise, as he had a very ruddy complexion.

11 x 14 - Oil on Canvas Paper


  1. Likin' the ruddy and the crispness of his shirt too. Well done!

  2. Tks Diane. I was a little unsure about this one, but I'm a big ol' second-guesser when it comes to my personal work.

    BTW, your painting looks great on our wall!

  3. Hey Chris.. I really admire your sense of color. Did you get to take the class you mentioned?

  4. Hi Catherine, thanks. No I haven't been to the workshop yet but it's coming up soon. The instructor for the workshop is Bryce Cameron Liston. I have to admit I wasn't really familiar with his work before, but while I was checking out potential workshops I ran across his name. After I saw his work he quickly became one of the artists on my short list for people to try to do a workshop with. Look up his work. He does lots of figures and portraits which are what I like best so I'm hoping this will be a really productive time for me.