July 27, 2014

Ed's Granddaughter

Another Friday painting. This time the model was our classmate Ed's granddaughter. A very bright young lady who was a great little model.

Ed Byer is a really good artist himself who does phenomenal pastel paintings. He even has one in the permanent collection of the Butler museum.

Anyway, thanks Ed for having your granddaughter sit for us.

BTW, I must apologize for including a shot of my painting with part of my easel casting a shadow at the top. But I'm too tired at the moment to re-take it. So there you are. :-)

Oil on linen - 12" x 16"


  1. Don’t stop posting! I miss seeing your beautiful work! ~Truly (Mary)

    1. Thanks Mary,

      I have been a little busy, with life, and trying to get my studio together. But I do have 3 paintings near completion that I'll be posting soon, so I haven't stopped completely. Been experimenting too with some different approaches. We'll see how they turn out.

      Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and stay tuned.