July 08, 2014

Model Stand

Wahoo!! A new addition to my studio. 

Although I really enjoy going to the Friday open studio sessions at Bay Arts, I've really been wanting to do my own thing more at home in the comfort of my own studio, but I knew if I was going to have models sit for me one of the first things I'd need is a model stand. I don't know if a model stand is something you can just go out and buy, and even if you could I wasn't sure I'd want to spend the bucks for it (I cheap out whenever I can). So just perusing pics from other people's studios and based on what I'd seen in the past I figured I could just make one... and so I did, with the help of a neighbor and his workshop of power tools.

I basically designed it and pretty much put the whole thing together myself. I think when all was said and done I spent under $75 bucks, not including the rug, and I finished the whole of the construction in one evening. Ha! Am I pleased as punch or what?

Anyway, the design is exceedingly simple. I made it very sturdy and it's pretty much pine and plywood. I added some dark stain just so it wouldn't look so bare and unfinished. There are some little gaps here and there. It's not an amazing piece of furniture, but it's not bad and it's perfect for my needs. 


  1. Yes! You are pleased as punch and I am too, just looking at it! If you ever need a model?! :)

    1. You never know. Be careful, I might just take you up on that ;-)

      Thanks Diane!