March 08, 2014


So here are 2 slides of our most recent Friday model. The first one is what I was actually able to complete during the sitting. About 2-1/2 hrs total. I guess that's the true Alla Prima. The second one is after some touch up and corrections at home. 

The question that arises most for me is, what was gained or lost in the additions/corrections in the updated version? What do you think?


11 x 14 - Oil on Canvas Paper

March 01, 2014

Male Head Study II

Another crack at the same model from a couple of posts back. Although I might have gotten a better likeness on this attempt, I think I like the color on the previous attempt.
He was a hard model to paint, color-wise, as he had a very ruddy complexion.

11 x 14 - Oil on Canvas Paper

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