June 27, 2013



Oil on canvas 11" x 14"

Finally an opportunity to paint from life. This model was one that came to sit for a Friday afternoon painting group at Bay Arts. The model usually poses for 3 hours with breaks. I didn't quite finish it there, but I snapped a few shots with my phone and was able to complete it at home. I'd say I had it 75% complete when I brought it back home, so my speed still needs some attention. But overall I'm satisfied with my progress. And yes, painting from life is much more challenging, but in my estimation, much more rewarding  because working from life is where your greatest strides as a painter are made. I've heard it said and it's true, that the camera just cannot capture all the nuance of chroma and hue the way the human eye can. Even with HDR.

This painting is another mixed bag in terms of results, but hey, it's a study, so I can't get too crazy about what's not perfect about it. Progress is happening, so I'm happy.

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