January 18, 2014


Another attempt at a still life. 

I set up this little still life just for some practice. Because I like trying new things I purchased some Maroger medium. I know it's the kind David Leffel and his group like to use so I thought I'd give it a try. Honestly I see why they like it. It produces such a beautiful consistency and richness to the paint. Especially in backgrounds. It really helps create a viscosity that allows the paint to flow off of your brush without losing its intensity. It's hard to explain but it just feels great. The big drawback? It's kind of pricey. I don't see myself using it for every painting just because I don't think it's always the effect I'm after, but I'm not sure, I'll have to play with it some more.

This is probably a no-no, but I used the medium just in the background after completing a couple of passes with a medium that I mix up. I only did this because the Maroger had come in the mail well after I'd started the painting. If it's not the most archival or orthodox way of doing things who cares. I did this painting to learn and I feel that I have.

Anyway, here it is in 2 stages.

11 x 14 - Oil on linen


  1. Chris,
    Lovely painting your rendering of the sunflower and cloth is esp. nice. I enjoy your work.

    The Maroger medium intrigued me also, so I too bought some. I love it, love it, love it!! Reminds me of Lukus's Medium 5, which has some of the same qualities as the Maroger, but doesn't have the intense smell. ( Had to quit using using the 5 because of the odor and have missed it terribly.) The Maroger has a nice odor and I'm finishing up a painting with it right now and the depth is amazing.
    I did a lot of reading on the Maroger medium.. (I'll probably blog about it when I post this painting) and I do believe your ok with just using it on the back ground.
    Oh.. I also got the Maroger Varnish.. I'm thrilled with it too.

    1. Thanks Catherine. I'd not tried nor heard of the Lukus medium so that's good to know. Yeah, I think the Maroger is pretty awesome. I didn't know a medium could provide such surprisingly interesting results.

      Still learning & lovin' it.