June 24, 2013

A Few Early Attempts




All three of these paintings were early efforts at portraits. I did others but these are fairly representative of how I began taking up oils in color. Considering these are my first crack at doing more serious portraits, I suppose there are some things that I like about them, but plenty that I don't like. I won't say what I am not happy with and am content with others making their own judgments. I was definitely very inexperienced then, and still am, and I think it showed (and still does).

The first one is of my niece, Alex. She was a very good model. The second is a photograph ad that I found. I tried not to copy the photo directly and instead tried to play with some of the brushwork and color, as well as changing around some of the models features. The third one is of my son Ian. This was from a photograph I took under some really bad lighting.

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