June 23, 2013

A Tip O' the Hat

Before I get too far into this archive/journal (which is it anyway?) I have to give a shout out to Mike Malm for being the one (besides my wife... that's another post) to really help me get my feet wet in terms of thinking about how to approach the painting of people and figures in the medium of oil. A few years back I had the good fortune to take one of Mike's 3-day workshops at his studio in Wellsville, Utah. He has this really great studio to work in, and he was very patient and helpful, especially for me being such a beginner in this medium. But the thing that stood out to me most was Mike's (and Juanita's) kindness and sincerity towards me. They have a beautiful family and they couldn't have been better hosts, especially as I was a complete noob to the area.

If you have an opportunity to take one of Mike's workshops, do so. You won't be sorry.

Mike and Juanita Malm in front of one of Mike's beautiful paintings.

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