June 23, 2013

First Baby Steps

So, this is more or less where I'm beginning. I did several of these quick (for me), monochromatic small studies of different ethnic "types." They were supposed to be quick anyway, around an hour, but I could never finish one quite that fast. They would generally take me around 1-1/2 to 2 hrs. Then as now, I'm hoping that my speed picks up. They are monochromatic because at that point I really just needed to get a feel for the medium of oil paint and it's technical properties and aspects without having to worry about color as well. I think for anyone considering starting painting in oils, these kinds of monochromatic studies are a good way to begin. 

This, and my other quick studies were not from life, but from some old national geographic photos. I was not at a point yet where painting from life was an option for me. so this would have to do. I understand now, even more than before that painting from life is ALWAYS preferable, but sometimes it's just not feasible nor practical

My goal is to paint realism. But not photo-realism. There is a space between impressionism and realism that I've always been drawn to and hope to gain some proficiency in. I'm a noodler by nature, which means that I tend to over-render. I feel that I don't want to do that anymore, as it takes a great deal of time. It's hard to get away from, but I'm striving for looseness and atmosphere in my art rather than exactness. That takes lots and lots of practice... but I'm willing.

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